iMicroScooters – The Micro Scooter Resource Site is a consumer focused information site for all things related to the Micro Scooter.

We aim to bring you the latest product information, reviews & buying guides in addition to essential information and details of the key Micro Scooter UK brands.

We are not a retailer focused on a small range of products from one brand or aimed at one age group. We are focused on providing relevant up to date information on the whole Micro Scooter marketplace.

Our mission is to provide all the information you need when you need it – today, tomorrow or next year – regardless of if you want to buy a scooter for your very young son or daughter or an extreme model for use on skate parks.

We keep a keen eye on the UK’s top brands like JD Bug, Dogg Scooters, Micro®, Razor, Madd Scooters. will bring you information and news on the latest models (the positive & negatives), pricing information, where to buy in the UK, and reviews of popular models.

Alongside the main micro scooter information we try to provide comprehensive information on the latest accessories, from scooter bars, safety and protective gear to carry bags and straps to help you get the most from your push scooter.

Our site is also here as a learning resource – if you are struggling to understand terminology, the does and dont’s of buying and using a scooter, common problems, and other interesting facts and figures then we can try and help.

If you would like more information on anything to do with Micro Scooters and you can’t find it on the our website , contact us, and we will be pleased to add a new section or help you answer your question directly. We have a team of fanatics waiting to help you.

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