Micro Scooter Buyers Guide

Prior to embrking on your search for a new Micro Scooter, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind which may help you cut through the myriad of choices and enable you to buy the best Micro Scooter for your needs.

In this Micro Scooter buyers guide we help point out the most important aspects to look into with the aim of saving you time and money.

1. Determine What Your Micro Scooter Will Be Used For.

Micro Scooters are very popular, but not only with children and teenagers. A good proportion of micro scooters sold each year are to adults, who use them for commuting, fun or just to keep up with the kids.

Beacuse micro scooters are so popular all of the main UK brands like JD Bug, Micro®, & Razor have developed different scooters in their respective ranges to suit different activities and different ages of scooter riders. It is therefore important to have a good idea of what you will be using your scooter for prior to embarking on your product search.

Popular uses for the scooters, include:

Kids: Fun at the park, riding to school, playing with friends in the street, riding with mum/dad at the seafront.

Teenagers: At the park, getting to school or college, at the skate park or more extreme scooter riding.

Adults: Commuting to the station or office, general recreation at the park or seafront, keeping up with the kids.  🙂

2. Be Aware Of The Benefits & Limitations Of The Different Micro Scooter Models.

It is critical to be aware  of the benefits and limitations of the different models of micro scooters. One common problem is the warranty.

As an example: there are less that five micro scooters in the UK that are warrantied for skate park /  extreme use.

We get daily questions from scooter riders that have purchased a micro scooter, used it at their local skate park or for street stunts, snapped the front forks or kick plate and are suprised this is not covered under warranty.

Manufacturers can tell just by looking at a broken scooter what it has been used for and most will insist on photos prior to considering a warranty return. So there is no fooling them.

If you are wanting a Micro Scooter for skate park or extreme use then you should always purchase a model that is warrantied for that purpose. See our Exteme Micro Scooter Section for examples of those models.

3. Be Sure To Get The Correct Size Micro Scooter.

Another common purchasing decision lies around the size of the scooter.

Commuters will often want taller micro scooters so they can stand upright and have a more leisurely gentle, comfortable ride.

Extreme scooter riders will want shorter handlebar scooters and lightweight models that can easily be manouvered and “thrown around” for tricks and stunts.

Young kids will often require a scooter which is of an appropriate size , but will also have plenty of growth room as they grow.

Very young children may also want a scooter with two rear wheels for extra stability until they get used to the balance – like the Mini Micro Scooter.

4. Be Aware That Components Do Wear Out.

Dependant on the use of the scooter and where it is used will determine how often certain parts of the scooter will need maintaining and / or replacing.

Some scooter riders will never need to change a wheel, bearing or hand grip if they are just using their scooter occasionaly. While other riders who are heavy users may need to replace wheels once a season, or bearings every couple of years.

See our micro scooter maintenance section for more information on keeping your scooter in good condition and ensuring it has the maximum life span it can.