Micro Scooter Maintenance

Depending on how often you use your micro scooter and what you do with it when you ride it, will determine the amount  of maintenance required and what components will need replacing and how often.

Routine Maintenance.

It is essential to keep your micro scooter well maintained and regardless of how often you use you scooter the following elements should be checked ideally before each riding session:

  1. Wheels – check to see if wheels are worn to a particularly low level. Riding on worn wheels can be dangerous and and can impact turning and stopping.
  2. Bearings – check wheel bearings, and front stem bearings for play and wear. You can check for excessive play by holding the wheel (or fork) tightly and trying to move from side to side. If there is excessive play check the tightness of the retaining bolts and / or replace the bearings. Check for wear by spinning the wheels or moving the forks and listening for grating noises.
  3. Check for damage – check the scooter for damage. It is a good idea to check all of the following areas:
    1. Front forks.
    2. Rear forks / wheel retainer.
    3. Foot plate – especially on welded joints.
    4. Handlebars – check alignment and check for weld damage.
    5. Quick release mechanisms – check the quick release folding mechainsms and height adjusters for damage or slackness.
  4. Check the tightness of the handlbar adjuster. Make sure it is tight and secure before riding and the hadlebars cannot be moved.
  5. Brakes – If your scooter has a brake – check for wear – replace if necessary.
  6. Handle bar grips – ensure they are tightly fitted and do not swivel round.

Annual Maintenance (Every Few Months If Scooter Used For Extreme Use).

  1. Replace the wheel bearings.
  2. Replace the front hadlebar stem bearings.
  3. Check scooter thoroughly for damage, bending etc.
  4. Replace the handlebar grips.
  5. Check quick release mechanisms.
  6. Clean the scooter thoroughly.
  7. Apply lubricant to appropriate areas of the scooter – use dry lubricant as recommended by the scooter maufacturer or bearing supplier.