Micro Scooter Manufacturers

There are many different brands of micro scooter available today and we see more brands added each year. This resource page will help you find information about the different manufacturers that have products available within the UK.

JD Bug

Official Global Manufacturer : JD Bug

Address: No. 80, Nan Dee Lane, Shan Hsi Village, Shou Shui Hsiang, 504 Chang Hua Hsien, Taiwan R.O.C

Telephone: Tel:886-4-768-1756 | Fax:886-4-769-3478

Email: info@jdco.com.tw

Website: www.jdbug.com

UK Distributor: J&R Sports

Micro Scooter

Official Global Manufacturer: Micro Mobility Systems Ltd

Address: Bahnhofstrasse 10, 8700 Kuesnacht, Switzerland.

Tel: +41 44 910 11 22 | Fax: +41 44 910 66 29

Email: info@micro.ms

Website: www.micro.ms

UK Distributor(s): J&R Sports & Micro-Scooters Ltd


Official Global Manufacturer: Razor USA

Address: Razor USA, P.O. Box 361, Cerritos, CA 90703, USA

Tel: +1 866-467-2967

Email: use this web page

Website: www.razor.com

Main UK Distributor: Recreation PLC