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We get many enquiries each week about Micro Scooter Promotional Codes. We thought we would write a quick post to address the topic and to point our readers in the correct direction to obtain true discounts on their Micro Scooter purchases.

What Are Micro Scooter Promotional Codes?

A promotional code is usually a simple code that is given away for a promotion or sale to customers, by a retailer, in order for them to receive a discount on their purchase from that retailer. The promotional code is usually in the form of a short numeric or alphanumeric code. The codes are usually valid for only one purchase and have a limited time in which you can use them.

How do you use Promotional Codes?

When you have received your promotional code for your micro scooter purchase, using it to get the discount is usually as simple as placing the code in the ‘discount’ or ‘promotion’ or ‘voucher’ box on at the time of checkout on the relevant website.

What level of discount can I expect to receive on the purchase of my Micro Scooter?

Usual discounts are between 5% to 10%. Anything more that this is usually for stock clearance or sale of end of line or returned stock that the retailer is trying to sell quickly. If you are offered anything more than 10% discount on a normal in stock purchase, we would advise caution. Retailers do not make much percentage margin after all their staff, warehouse, marketing, operations and distribution costs are taken into consideration. if a retailer is offering you more discount, then they are more than likely making a loss on the transaction and you have to question why.

Where can I obtain Micro Scooters Promotional Codes?

This is a difficult question and there is no one correct answer. You are usually best off starting to find voucher codes for larger retailers that stock Micro Scooters – e.g. John Lewis or Amazon. There is more likely to be general promotional codes available for those retailers that you can in turn use as a micro scooter promotional code.

You may find codes available for a percentage discount at those larger retailers when you spend £xx or above. Or they may offer free shipping or even a straight discount.

Some great places to find promotional discount codes for use on your micro scooter purchase include:

Do Smaller Specialised Micro Scooter Retailers Give Away Micro Scooter Discount Codes?


You will generally find less smaller retailers giving away promotional codes. They generally buy in less quantities than the larger retailers, so in turn do not make as much profit per item and therefore to give away more discount would become an un-profitable exercise for them.

However we do know that one of the better general skate / skateboard / scooter retailers – Skates.co.uk do generally have some type of promotional codes available.

Hints And Tips

Use Google.

Come up with creative searches on Google like:

  • “promotional code + micro scooter”
  • “voucher code + micro scooter”
  • “discount code + micro scooter”
  • “promotional code + kids scooter”

You get the idea.

You will sometimes come across one of the large voucher websites (listed above) offering a code or discount voucher. Occasionally you will find a post or thread on a money saving website that somebody has left with a micro scooter promotional code in the forum post.

Be creative. There are no guarantees you will find a code, but you usually be able to come across some way of discount your purchase if you are patient and willing to search.

Good luck with your hunting for Micro Scooters promotional codes. Leave us a comment and let us know how you get on.

Are you Micro Scooter Retailer? Want to Offer our readers a discount – please get in touch.

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