Micro Scooter Safety

Micro Scooters have become so popular that there are bound to be accidents and injuries occur to some users. The number of scooters sold would dictate probability of being high of some accidents occurring.

Since 1998 in the UK over 2200 people have been injured badly enough whilst riding scooters to require hospital treatment. In the USA that number is closer to 10,000. These figures were compiled a good while ago – before the current micro scooter and extreme micro scooter craze.

Most of the injuries were cuts, sprains abrasions with a third being broken bones.

So it is critical to stay safe on your Micro Scooter to avoid injury to yourself, your child or other users of the area you are using your scooter on.

Some Important Safety Tips.

  • Make sure your scooter conforms to the appropriate safety regulations. Scooters are certified under the Toys (Safety) Regulations 1995 and must comply with the “Essential Safety Requirements” and be CE Marked. Also your scooter should comply with the Toys Safety Standard EN 71. Under Part l Consumer Protection Act 1987 any person injured by a defect in the scooter can sue the producer/importer.
  • Do not use your scooter on the roads.
  • Be careful when riding scooters on the pavements – there are a couple of reasons. One is the law is a little vague / unclear and the second reason is other pavement users safety.
  • Do not ride scooters in crowded places – lets face it the risk of banging into someone else is high.
  • Always wear protective gear. Helmet, Pads and Gloves. You know why.
  • Don’t ride after drink alcohol.
  • Keep speed down. Keep your speed to a moderate pace – you never know what bumps, lumps, litter or people may get in your way.

If you be sensible and follow our guidelines, you will reduce the risk of accident.

Be safe on your scooter.

Credits: Accident Data From Rospa.