Micro Scooter Terminology

Common Micro Scooter Terms.

  • Deck / Kick Plate / Foot Plate – The area of the scooter where the rider places his/her feet whilst riding. Usually covered with grip tape or similar non slip material.
  • Collar Clamp – clampy use for holding hadlebar stem into the main forks.
  • Forks / Front Forks – where the front wheel is bolted onto and extends into a stem to which the handlebars are connected.
  • Bearings – used for fluid motion within the wheels and front forks.
  • Brake – stopping device often above the rear wheel and pushed down against the wheel to aid slowing down.
  • Handlebars – the stem and cross bars used for the rider to hold whilst scooting.
  • Rear arms – the unit used to hold the rear wheel to the foot plate / rest of scooter.
  • Grip Tape – the non slip surface usually attached to the deck – can be replaced.
  • Lower Stem – the lower tube used to connect the forks to the upper stem.
  • Upper stem – upper tube used to connect lower stem to handlebars.
  • Quick Release Clamp – the lever style device used for quick adjustment of the handlebar height.
  • Folding release mechanism – the unit which allows the scooter to fold – usually deck plate move upwards to go in line with front stem for ease of transporting.
  • Handlebar grips – the (usually foam) grips at the end of the handlebars.

Other Micro Scooter Related Phrases.

  • Extreme Scooter – a scooter used for stunts / tricks / jumps/ aerials – sometimes on a skate park type environment.