Dogg Scooters

Every sport has got its go-to guys when it comes to having top-notch equipment and service, and in the world of freestyle scootering those guys are Dogg Scooters. Whether you want parts for your scooter or piecing together your own scooter with the Dogg Scooter line of manufactured parts, and complete scooters you will be building to last and you will be building with a mind-set that’s all too familiar to Dogg: Freestyle Scooter Riding.

The Dogg Scooter brand was founded in May 2009 and has been going strong since then, providing the best parts for riders in the UK and around the globe as well as sponsoring teams of top riders. Along with Danny Roberts, Steve Cussons, and Robert Eaton, company Director Jon Carter is also a Dogg Scooter Team rider – he has been a rider since 2006 when the Dogg Scooters UK brand was just a few friends that scootered hard.
Dogg Scooters UK grew into what it is today out of necessity and love for the sport and isn’t just a company that saw an opportunity to cash in on mainstream hype. At the time the company was started it was hard to get quality parts for your scooter. Recognizing this, Jon began ordering parts for himself and a few of his friends and … Dogg Scooters was born. The Dogg brand has grown rapidly ever since and now list U.K., E.U., Australian, and American riders in their respective parts of the world on their team. It is the team behind Dogg that really sets it apart when everyone else isn’t sure what the consumers want, the riders at Dogg Scooters will know what needs to be done to satisfy their fellow riders and push the sport to new and exciting heights.

Dogg Scooters is dedicated not only to making sure riders have the best parts available to them, but is committed to developing components and complete scooters that push the envelope and allow the sport to continue to grow. Unlike other companies, riding isn’t a market niche to Dogg Scooters; riding is life.
Going with the Dogg Scooter brand to supply you with your parts, complete or custom scooter is a purchase which is backed by the Dogg Scooters name and reputation.

Dogg are a company founded by riders that get their kicks out of freestyle scooter riding.