Grit Scooters

Grit Scooters are another Australian scooter brand that have expanded rapidly overseas based on their success locally in Australia.

Grit scooters are now distributed worldwide and specialise in stunt scooters or freestyle scooters for the more adventurous micro scooters rider and have a small selection of models available to the UK.

Quality and and style have always been the hallmark of the grit scooter brand. Each model is colour coordinated and features the quality of workmanship that is essential in any extreme or freestyle scooter brand.

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  • Grit Extremist Scooter – the entry level or starter scooter from the Grit Scooter Brand.
  • Grit Elite Scooter / Grit Elite Pro Scooter – available in white & blue or black & purple. A good mid range stunt / freestyle scooter at a fairly good price for the build quality.
  • Grit Mayhem Scooter / Grit Mayhem Pro Scooter – the most advanced scooter in the Grit Scooter range. Very high specification at a reasonable price for this level of scooter manufacturer.

Replacement parts are available for the Grit scooter range as one would expect from a leading stunt scooter brand. Scooter decks, scooter bars, grip tape, clamps etc, are all available as part of the portfolio of products.

As a relative newcomer to the UK micro scooter market there are a limited number of retailers that are stocking the Grit scooter range. We have found that Amazon have a good range of the Grit scooters available on their site (most of them will be fulfilled by specialist skate / scooter retailers) and they also have some accessories from the Grit brand available like scooter bars.

If you are looking to buy a Grit scooter, we suggest you take a look at Amazon first and foremost. If Amazon can’t supply what you need, then take a look at the more specialist scooter retailers.