Micro® Scooters – The Original Micro Scooter

Micro® Scooters – The brand of Micro Mobility Systems Ltd based in Switzerland. The original micro scooter company.

Range includes – micro scooters, kickboard scooters, extreme scooters, mini micro scooters, micro bikes and micro luggage systems.

See the full Micro® range below. Click on an image or link to get more information, reviews and buying information on a particular model.

Maxi Micro Scooter

The next step up from it’s little brother (The Mini Micro Scooter), the maxi micro scooter is ideal for age ranges from 5 to 12 years. The maxi micro scooter is available in black or purple and with either a T-Bar handlebar or joystick – built to the highest specification and amazing Swiss design by […]

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Mini Micro Scooter

Designed for ages of 2 and upwards the mini micro scooter is one of the all time best selling micro scooters for young children. The mini micro scooter (also known as the Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter) benefits from a larger size double front wheel set (wheel size 120mm)  for extra stability with a single 85mm […]

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