Ozbozz Scooters

The Ozbozz scooter brand is well known for its range of children’s scooters that have been popularised in the UK by the likes of the Nebulus model.

Ozbozz is a brand of H.Grossman, an import and distribution company based in Scotland. The company was founded in 1946 and has distributed many product lines to the UK market since then. Children of the original founders still run the company today, but the product lines have change substantially and now focus on toys, especially a vast range of licensed products.

The Ozbozz brand really became popular when it was carried by leading high street retailers in addition to major internet giants like Amazon.

The Ozbozz scooter range is a fun and recreational range and is not intended for extreme of freestyle scooter riding. Ozbozz scooters are best suited to younger children and they have products to fit all age ranges.

Among the popular scooter products in the Ozbozz scooter range are:

  • Ozbozz My First Scooter For Girls.
  • Ozbozz Torq Scooter.
  • Ozbozz Cosmic Light Scooter For Girls (and a similar model in blue for boys).
  • Ozbozz Nebulus TX Scooter In Pink, Blue, Red, Silver & Black.
  • Ozbozz Lightning Strike Scooter In Blue, Red, & Pink.
  • Ozbozz Stealth Scooter.

The Ozbozz scooter range provides a great introduction for boys and girls to the world of micro scooters.

Ozbozz scooters are available at leading retailers such as Amazon, Asda, Toys R Us, Argos, John Lewis, Littlewoods and the Entertainer.

As a leading UK distributor H.Grossman ensures the product range is fresh and caters for all younger age groups and regularly introduces and updates models.

There is also a matching set of accessories that are sold by all of the retailers above to compliment the Ozbozz scooter brand.