Razor Scooter- Razor Scooters are the leading USA micro scooter brand.

Razor is the brand name of Razor USA LLC a privately held corporation based in Cerritos California. The company holds the worldwide rights to the Razor brand.

Starting with the micro scooter products Razor have developed their product offering to include – caster boards (Ripstik), Electric Scooters, Sole Skates and other ride on products. Razor have also been innovators and have continued to develop on the original micro scooter concept like one of the latest products in the range being the Razor Spark Scooter.

Razor Scooters have a great portfolio of scooters covering a product for all age range sand most scooter uses, from scooters for kids through scooters for commuting and stunt scooters, Razor Scooters have a product in their range.

Razor Pro Scooter

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The Razor Pro Scooter is certainly not a toy. The Pro conforms to EN14619 standards and offers great strength and durability for tricks, and skate park use. The Razor Pro was designed and tested by the professional Team Razor® riders. Throw all you can at this scooter and it will perform. Product Specifications: Full deck grip […]

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Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

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Designed and tested by the Razor stunt team the Razor Ultra Pro Scooter is the ultimate extreme scooter. Offering great strength and durability for tricks, stunts and aerials. A super tough rigid stunt scooter. The Ultra Pro has a double stacked head clamp for added strenght and is made from 100% aircraft grade aluminium. Clearly as […]

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Razor Spark DLX Scooter

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50% more sparks than the original Razor Spark Scooter plus light up wheels. Wow. Kids just love this scooter. The Spark DLX is a new edition to the Razor range and is set to be one of the best sellers we are sure. Any scooter with light up wheels has always been a hit with […]

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Razor Malibu Scooter

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The Razor Malibu Scooter has a great surfboard style design which is bound to turn heads. With slightly larger wheels that the introductory models in the Razor Range, and a flexible deck, this scooter is ideal for teens who just want to cruise as opposed to tricks and stunts. Great fun at the park, on […]

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Razor A5 Lux Scooter

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With big wheels and a larger aircraft grade aluminium frame the Razor A5 Lux scooter is designed for the commuter or fun rider. Ideal for the park, seafront or getting to and from work. The max rider weight of 100Kg means this scooter can be used by kids, teenagers and adults alike. The A5 really […]

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Razor A2 Scooter

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The Razor A2 Micro Scooter is the next setp up from it’s little brother The Razor A. The Razor A2 is ideal for ththose riders who are progressing from their first scooter and maybe moving on to the next stages of scooter riding or have simply outgrown the Razor A. The A2 benefits from slightly […]

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Razor A Graffiti Scooter

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The Razor A Graffiti Scooter takes all of the benefits of the standard Razor A Scooter and layers ssome great new colour scheming. For those scooter riders fed up with the traditional aluminium coloured scooter the Graffiti will be the scooter to buy. The full frame is patterned in a Graffiti style and is available […]

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Razor A Scooter

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The mainstay of the Razor range is the Razor A scooter. One of the first scooters by the Razor brand to hit the UK this popular, stylish scooter continues to be a best seller to this day. The build quality of all Razor Micro Scooters is one of the strongest selling points and the Razor […]

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Razor Spark Scooter

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Razor are a brand known for their innovation, especially taking an existing product and adding more. The Razor Spark Scooter is no exception building on the ever popular micro scooter Razor have introduced an innovative spark bar that sits behind the rear wheel. When pressed and comes into contact with the ground the flint like […]

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