Roces Scooters

Roces are a world renowned inline skate and ice skate brand. The company was started in 1952 and has an unbeatable record in the design and manufacturer of inline skates and ice skates. The Roces brand made a relatively recent move into the micro scooter market with the introduction of a small range of scooters within the last 3 years.

Although the Roces brand of scooter has not hit mainstream popularity like JD Bug or Micro Scooter®, the Roces attention to quality and design will ensure that their scooter range will be one of the best available and is sure to gain popularity as the brand gains momentum as a scooter manufacturer.

At the current time the Roces Scooter range is relatively small offering the following models as part of the range:

Roces Kook Scooter – Fixed bars.
Roces Kook V2 Limited Edition Scooter.
Roces Ducento Scooter.
Roces Aluminium Scooter – In Red and Blue.

The Roces scooter brand is usually stocked by smaller independent retailers that tend to specialise in roller skates and inline skates and have the Roces Scooter brand as a tack on addition to their product range. There are a few models available on Amazon, but the range there is relatively limited.

We are sure Roces will continue to experiment with their scooter range and update and release new models when available.