Scooters For Kids.

Choosing the best scooter for kids is always a difficult decision. There are a myriad of scooters in different styles, colours and builds. The trends in kids scooters and their uses are wide and varied and it is important you choose the correct scooter for the type of use the scooter will receive.

Childrens scooters are usually used for more recreational purposes and therefore any of the brands and models of kids scooter we list below will suffice. If you need a stunt scooter or a scooter for more extreme use then take a look at our stunt scooter category, where you will find scooters for kids that need that ‘little bit more’ from their scooter.

Many of the popular scooter brands like JD Bug, Micro® Scooter and the newer brands like Dogg Scooters and MGP Scooters will be more than adequate for most children’s scooters.

If your child is just starting out and you are looking for a cheaper kids scooter while they are getting used to scooter riding then perhaps take a look at the Ozbozz Scooters or the recreational range of micro scooters from Razor.

We attempt to give you all the information you need at your finger tips to give your kids hours of happy scootering. The makes, models and brand listed below will be a good starting point for choosing a scooter for your kids.

Maxi Micro Scooter

The next step up from it’s little brother (The Mini Micro Scooter), the maxi micro scooter is ideal for age ranges from 5 to 12 years. The maxi micro scooter is available in black or purple and with either a T-Bar handlebar or joystick – built to the highest specification and amazing Swiss design by […]

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Mini Micro Scooter

Designed for ages of 2 and upwards the mini micro scooter is one of the all time best selling micro scooters for young children. The mini micro scooter (also known as the Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter) benefits from a larger size double front wheel set (wheel size 120mm)  for extra stability with a single 85mm […]

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JD Bug Classic 2 Micro Scooter

Amazing build quality, extremely light weight, multiple colour trim available and large 150mm wheels. The JD Bug Classic 2 is a new addition to the very popular JD Bug brand in the UK. It is probably the ultimate cruising scooter for its price. Recommended for use at the park, sea front, journey to school college […]

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JD Bug Pro Extreme

Adding extra components and strength the JD Bug Pro Extreme has been developed from the extremely popular JD Bug Pro Range. This is an extreme scooter that is big on quality, style and components but low on price with a suggested retail price of under £100. The JD Bug Pro Extreme benefits from a bolt-able […]

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JD Bug – Kids Tri Scooter

New for the 2010 season the JD Bug Kids Tri Scooter gives a great new addition to the JD Bug range for younger children. If you have very young children or have kids who find it difficult to balance on a two wheeled scooter then the JD Bug Kids Junior Scooter maybe the solution. Available […]

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JD Bug Pro Street Scooter

A real head turner. The JD Bug Pro Street model is finished matt full black. Great looking scooter and this v2.0 benefits from a double clamp system and full length grip tape. The original version of this scooter took the UK market by storm in 2009 and was an amazing seller with the UK distributors […]

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JD Bug Eco Micro Scooter

The JD Bug Eco Scooter is the little brother of the JD Bug Original Scooter. Ideal for first time scooter riders and/or smaller, younger riders aged 4 and above. The JD Bug scooter gives a great introduction to the world of micro scooter riding. The JD Bug Eco Micro scooter has a polished aluminium frame […]

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JD Bug Original Scooter

The JD Bug Original Micro Scooter is the old classic from JD Bug. The original is one of the original JD Bug models which has been enhanced over the years since it launch. The JD Bug Original is one of the lightest scooters (for its size) on the market and is one of the all […]

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Razor Pro Scooter

Thumbnail image for Razor Pro Scooter

The Razor Pro Scooter is certainly not a toy. The Pro conforms to EN14619 standards and offers great strength and durability for tricks, and skate park use. The Razor Pro was designed and tested by the professional Team Razor® riders. Throw all you can at this scooter and it will perform. Product Specifications: Full deck grip […]

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Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

Thumbnail image for Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

Designed and tested by the Razor stunt team the Razor Ultra Pro Scooter is the ultimate extreme scooter. Offering great strength and durability for tricks, stunts and aerials. A super tough rigid stunt scooter. The Ultra Pro has a double stacked head clamp for added strenght and is made from 100% aircraft grade aluminium. Clearly as […]

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