Scooter Accessories

Most micro scooter riders will at some point need to or want to buy accessories for their scooter.

If you are in the market for the latest scooter bars or scooter decks or even some handle bar grips or grip tape; we have a portfolio of resources in this scooter accessories category of our website to help guide you through all of the latest products and their features to ensure you choose the correct scooter accessory for your needs.

If you would like information on specific products or scooter accessory brands and they are not shown on our web sites, please contact us and we will be happy to answer your question and/ or help you get further information.

This scooter accessory category of the website is constantly being added to – so check back regularly.

Scooter Decks

Most micro scooter riders, especially stunt scooter riders will at some point during the lifespan of the scooter want or need to change the deck part of their micro scooter. Scooter decks are now available for most of the main stunt scooter brands, but are usually only available from specialist scooter or skate retailers. Depending […]

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Scooter Bars

What are scooter bars? ‘Scooter bars’ is the generic term for the handlebar and stem on a micro scooter. Historically micro scooters have been supplied with an adjustable stem and handlebar to accommodate different rider height and allow for children’s height growth. More recently with the advent of stunt scooters and more extreme scooter riding, […]

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