Stunt Scooters

The average scooter just won’t cut it when you need something a bit more extreme. We give you complete information on all the latest stunt scooters, including buying guides, pricing information and reviews.

The average stunt scooter is re-enforced in many places and and the amount of breakable parts and points of weakness are cut to a minimum to avoid breakage and damage to components.

You will find that most stunt scooters are made from tougher aluminum than their usual Micro Scooters counterparts. Stunt scooters are a whole different breed from the recreational micro scooter and it is not advised to use a standard micro scooter for any stunts or tricks. Actually most manufacturers like JD Bug and Micro® Scooter, will not warranty their products for any type of stunt use.

Our advice is, if you want a stunt scooter, buy a stunt scooter brand, like one of the Madd Scooters models or one of the Dogg Scooter models. But cross check the warranty on these too.

We list stunt scooters from most of the main micro scooter manufacturers in this stunt scooter section of the site, but as we have stated above, you MUST cross check the warranty on each scooter if you intend to use for stunts or tricks.

View the range of stunt scooters below and click on an image or link to find out more information and see other riders reviews and comments.

Madd Gear Pro Scooter

Thumbnail image for Madd Gear Pro Scooter

The Madd Gear Pro (MGP) Scooter was the original scooter from the Madd Gear brand. This great freestyle scooter has seen some real innovation and improvements since its inception. The Madd Gear Pro scooter now features a 4 inch wide reinforced alloy deck, a forged head tube to give extra strength and limit breakages that […]

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JD Bug Pro Extreme

Adding extra components and strength the JD Bug Pro Extreme has been developed from the extremely popular JD Bug Pro Range. This is an extreme scooter that is big on quality, style and components but low on price with a suggested retail price of under £100. The JD Bug Pro Extreme benefits from a bolt-able […]

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JD Bug Pro Street Scooter

A real head turner. The JD Bug Pro Street model is finished matt full black. Great looking scooter and this v2.0 benefits from a double clamp system and full length grip tape. The original version of this scooter took the UK market by storm in 2009 and was an amazing seller with the UK distributors […]

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Razor Pro Scooter

Thumbnail image for Razor Pro Scooter

The Razor Pro Scooter is certainly not a toy. The Pro conforms to EN14619 standards and offers great strength and durability for tricks, and skate park use. The Razor Pro was designed and tested by the professional Team Razor® riders. Throw all you can at this scooter and it will perform. Product Specifications: Full deck grip […]

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Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

Thumbnail image for Razor Ultra Pro Scooter

Designed and tested by the Razor stunt team the Razor Ultra Pro Scooter is the ultimate extreme scooter. Offering great strength and durability for tricks, stunts and aerials. A super tough rigid stunt scooter. The Ultra Pro has a double stacked head clamp for added strenght and is made from 100% aircraft grade aluminium. Clearly as […]

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