Mini Micro Scooter

Designed for ages of 2 and upwards the mini micro scooter is one of the all time best selling micro scooters for young children.

The mini micro scooter (also known as the Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter) benefits from a larger size double front wheel set (wheel size 120mm)  for extra stability with a single 85mm rear wheel.

The deck is fibreglass reinforced plastic for extra strength and durability that can take a maximum load of up to 20kg.

The mini micro scooter range all has a range of accessories to accompany the scooter – from pads and helmets to strap on bags and torch lights the Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter has the perfect range of accessories to accompany a great product.

Product Specifications:

  • Age range 2 to 5 years.
  • Max rider weight – 20kg.
  • Wheel diameter – 120mm front & 85mm rear.
  • Wheel width – 24mm.
  • Wheel construction – PU 78 Shore A.
  • Overall height – 670mm.
  • Overall weight – 1500g.
  • Overall width – 220mm.
  • Deck width – 110mm.
  • Overall length – 550mm.
  • Deck length – 300mm.
  • Axle Distance – front to rear – 430mm.
  • Colours available – pink or blue as standard and limited edition colours: orange, red, yellow, green.

Pricing Information:

Manufacturers suggested retail price: £49.95 (limited edition colours £55.95).

iMicroScoters Verdict on the Mini Micro Scooter:

A great starting scooter. Good build quality, cool new funky designs and limited edition colours and a good range of accessories. Will not stand any type of extreme use – jumps, skate parks etc. but we guess that  will not be a problem as the Mini Micro Scooter is designed for very young scooter riders. We have had some feedback of wheels waring very quickly, this is quite a common complaint when PU wheels are used on tarmac and concrete surfaces extensively. We would say this is not too much of an issue and replacement wheels are available from most of the retailers that stock the Mini Micro T-Bar Scooter.

Where To Buy:

Amazon UK have great deals on mini micro scooters and accessories.

Product Images: Coming Soon.

Alternative Micro Scooter brands you may like to consider:

JD Bug have a great introductory range of Micro Scooters for younger children. Probably not for children as low as two years old, like the Mini Micro Scooter.

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