Push Scooters

Push scooter is the common term for any scooter that needs to be propelled by pushing with one leg, while the other leg usually remains on the deck of the scooter.

Push scooters have two, or sometimes three wheels and cover a range of scooters that are for use by very young children all the way up to teens and sometimes adults.

Over recent years the push scooter has more commonly called the micro scooter. Although micro is a brand name that invented the modern day folding aluminium scooter the micro brand has stuck as the generic term for the modern day scooter.

These days push scooters are manufactured by a multitude of brand names like JDBug, Micro, Slamm, Madd, Razor, Grit etc. All are push scooters but are now used for a wide variety of uses.

Push scooters are ow widely use for stunts and tricks and you will often see them on the skate parks and on skate ramps being put through their paces by stunt scooter riders. Push scooter brands like Slamm, Grit, Madd are often used as stunt scooters.

Micro® push scooters are a more general use form of scooter, mainly used for leisure and they have a very popular line of children’s scooters, the mini micro scooter and the maxi micro scooter.

JD Bug push scooters have a few models which cover the leisure scooter rider and also the more extreme scooter rider. JD Bug have the eco, the original and the JD Bug Street Pro scooters are their main models.

Razor is a popular USA based brand of push scooters and like JD Bug, cater for the leisure market in addition to the more extreme stunt scooter riders. Razor also offer some fun additions to their range of push scooters, like the Razor Spark Scooter – which has an innovative brake mechanism which shoots sparks out of the rear of the scooter as the brake is depressed.

In the mid 2000’s the push scooter became quite popular for adults for leisure use and commuting to the station or to work. They are light weight, durable and can be folded up nicely to fit in a bag, so it made perfect sense. The popularity of this trend has declined in more recent years though.

Push scooters come in all shapes and sizes and for all uses but don’t get confused with all of the terminology for most purposes the push scooter is the micro scooter.

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