Scooter Bars

What are scooter bars?

‘Scooter bars’ is the generic term for the handlebar and stem on a micro scooter.

Historically micro scooters have been supplied with an adjustable stem and handlebar to accommodate different rider height and allow for children’s height growth.

More recently with the advent of stunt scooters and more extreme scooter riding, including skate park use, and tricks, the traditional approach to scooter stems and handlebars has had to be re-thought.

When using a micro scooter for stunts and tricks the old design of scooter bars creates a point of weakness as their are many moving parts and points of adjustment which add more components. These have two main difficulties for stunt scooter riders – weight and strength.

By moving away from the more traditional adjustable scooter handlebar stem, stunt riders are now preferring fix, solid, scooter bars which are extremely strong, have no moving parts and are light weight.

When a scooter rider refers to ‘scooter bars’ they are nowadays generally referring to these new one piece stem and bar arrangements.

Popular Manufacturers and Scooter Bar Brands.

Scooter bars are available in a few different styles and from many different manufacturers, in different colours and vary in price considerably.

Some of the most popular scooter bar brands and models, that are aimed at stunt scooter riders are:

  • Slamm Scooters & their pro Y bars.
  • Blazer Pro Bars
  • District Bars
  • 81 Customs
  • MGP Bars
  • Blunt Bars
  • JD Bug Pro Series Bars
  • Phoenix Suicide Bars
  • Grit Bars
  • Razor – and their Ultra Pro bars.

Styles Of Scooter Bar.

The style of one piece scooter bar is really down to personal preference, style of riding and use, but some of the choices include:

  • Straight T-Bar
  • Y-Bars
  • BMX Style Bars

Things to be aware of when buying scooter bars.

You need to keep in mind that not all bars wil lfit all types of scooter, it is always best to check with the retailer to make sure that the type of scooter bars you buy are compatible with the micro scooter you own. Sometimes you will need to buy an additional adapters.

Some retailers also offer a scooter bar cutting service which allows you to prefectly customise your bars to your height and riding style. Please keep in mind if you have your scooter bars cut this may invalidate the warranty – always check with the retailer who supplies you first.

Where to buy your scooter bars.

Amazon always have a good range of scooter bars available for quick delivery and are often the keenest on price. You may not however find all makes and models available at Amazon. You can also try eBay. There are many specialist scooter retailers that list their products on eBay, so you may pick up a good deal. We would warn against buying second hand scooter bars, you simply do not know how they have been used and they could well have developed weak spots.

Some of the other retailers we have found that have a good stock of scooter bars are usually speiclaist skate and scooter retailers like:

If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for on those websites, try the ever reliable Google and search for specific brands, makes, or models.

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Grant August 2, 2011 at 6:39 pm

Is there any scooter T-Bars that fit into the scooter stem as i have just painted it and do not want to get rid of it.


golden August 15, 2011 at 11:20 am

depends what scooter you have and the size of the T-Bars


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