Scooter Decks

Most micro scooter riders, especially stunt scooter riders will at some point during the lifespan of the scooter want or need to change the deck part of their micro scooter.

Scooter decks are now available for most of the main stunt scooter brands, but are usually only available from specialist scooter or skate retailers.

Depending on the brand, most scooter decks come with the footplate and the down-tube (where the front stem attaches to the footplate) and some come with a brake mechanism too. All brands of scooter decks have positioning holes for the wheel axles, but the wheel bolts will not be supplied with the scooter deck, they are usually and added extra

Usually you will want to buy the correct scooter deck for the micro scooter brand and model you have. Scooter decks cannot usually be interchanged between brands and / or different models of micro scooter.

Most stunt scooter riders will want to buy a scooter that has few parts as possible to increase strength of the scooter and reduce weight. Most of the scooter decks available for the most popular stunt scooter brands keep this in mind with one piece welded decks and attachments.

If you are buying a scooter deck for a standard scooter – JD Bug Original, Micro Scooter Light etc, you will also need to ensure that your folding mechanism for your scooter is still in good working order, if not you will need to purchase a new folding mechanism to go with your scooter deck.

Also remember, dependant on the brand of scooter deck you are purchasing, many come without grip tape – which is an essential addition you will need.

Some images of the different types of scooter decks available.

Make sure you speak with your chosen micro scooter retailer prior to purchase to ensure that your scooter deck is exactly what you need for your scooter.

There comes a point, dependant on your micro scooters age and the type of wear and tear it has had – where you may want to make a decision to replace the micro scooter in it’s entirety. Sometimes it is a cheaper option that replacing the scooter deck and other components.

Where to buy scooter decks:

Scooter decks are usually only stocked by smaller specialist scooter or skate retailers. The demand for scooter decks is just not there for major retailers to get involved in the cost of stocking such low sales volume parts.

Prices of scooter decks:

Except to pay from around £20 for a standard JD Bug type of scooter deck up to £220 for a stunt scooter deck from one of the leading scooter component brands like Proto or Phoenix.

A mid range stunt scooter deck from one of the larger stunt scooter brands like MGP, Slamm or District will cost around £50 – £100.

Which brands sell scooter decks?

  • JD Bug Scooter Decks
  • Micro® Scooter Decks
  • Slamm Scooter Decks
  • Madd Gear Pro (MGP) Scooter Decks
  • Razor Scooter Decks
  • District Scooter Decks
  • Proto Scooter Decks
  • Phoenix Scooter Decks

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